You are too young to be having this many health problems!

“You are too young to be having this many health problems!” Words that I have been hearing my whole life. It has been painful, confusing, terrifying and exhausting that my body has been suffering from illnesses since childhood, especially because they have usually been severe, bizarre and most of the time unexplained upon medical evaluation. An irregular heartbeat that sometimes renders me unable to move, causes me to have to sit down and focus on breathing, over 30 excruciating kidney stones that resulted in urinary tract and kidney infections, severe migraines with bizarre symptoms such as inability to control my movements, nausea, dizziness, confusion, thyroid problems…just to name a few. I have been in and out of doctor’s offices and hospitals since elementary school and the majority of the time the doctor can’t find a physical explanation for my symptoms.

Just recently I have been feeling especially weak, fatigued and just sick. I went to a doctor who finally listened to my concerns and decided that despite the fact most of my medical issues were probably due to psychological pain and stress that he wouldn’t stop until he made sure nothing physically was wrong. So far he has ordered over ten tests on my blood (in which he found I am vitamin D deficient) and more testing will be done soon. It is a relief to know that some doctors do care, and do understand the way trauma in our pasts can cause the body to become sick.

If you are struggling with medical issues, don’t give up! Continue to search for a doctor who will listen to you and who will seek out the cause of the issue instead of simply throw medication at you or send you home with no answers. You deserve to feel better, it is YOUR body after all! Don’t be afraid to tell the doctor the whole truth either, he or she can only do so much when you withhold details. (Believe me, my list of symptoms was a page and a half long).



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