Door of hope 4 teens. A support website for teens!

Hello again everyone!

I wanted to write a quick blog entry with a web address to an organization called “Door of hope 4 teens” Their web address is as follows: They are a great place for teens who struggle with self-harm to find non-judgmental and loving support!

It is very easy to reach help at Door of Hope 4 teens. You can call or text them at (615)746-7319 or (914)393-1904. You can also email them at or instant message them via AIM at Doorofhope4teens. Their texting and IM hours are as follows:

Monday: 8 – 10 pm

Tuesday: 8 – 10 pm

Wednesday: 8 – 10 pm

Thursday: 8 – 10 pm

Friday: Closed

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: 8 – 10 pm

Eastern Standard Time Zone

You are all loved! Don’t ever give up, know you are beautiful and special and reach out for help when you need it! It takes strength and courage to ask for help!

Your friend, Ashley *^_^*


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