Stop making excuses, never accept failure and do what you love.

Hey everyone! First off, I want to apologize big time for the severe lack in me posting for a while. Second…I want to name this post a little off of what I’ve been dealing with currently in my own life. A lot of my posts in the past have been things I learned from experiences that I’ve already gotten through. This time I want to focus on something I am dealing with right now. My personal life has been pretty hectic to say the least, especially in the past few months. Because of this I have started procrastinating on certain things, making excuses, putting things off for tomorrow that would make more sense to just bust out in that moment. For example, writing a post on here that will not only help me heal a little more, but also hopefully help others. I’ve been looking at the stats on my blog to see if anyone reads it and I was absolutely blown away! Fourteen countries!!!! That has seriously made me wake up and realize that what I am doing is even more important than I thought…and therefore I have NO room for excuses when it comes to being too tired or too lazy to write a post. When you make excuses, procrastinate and such even a little bit it grows like a weed! Then before you know it, you have a huge mess on your hands! When you start to make excuses in your head and formulate some “reason” to put something off, take a moment to really analyze what you’re about to put off and what the repercussions will be if you go through with it. Most of the time you’ll realize it will be much easier and wiser to knock it out now and save you a monster headache later. 


Another thing I want to talk about ties into the first thing. Never accept failure. Don’t quit! Especially when it’s something that means a whole lot to you and/or you love to do. When you start getting lazy and putting things off it starts turning into accepting failure and giving up. This is horrible! Don’t do it! Please! Let me paint you a picture from my own recent daily life. I was exhausted just a few nights ago, had gone to school, played with my son, fed him and myself, cleaned the house and then at 9:00 pm after my little one was asleep I sat down to do homework. I looked at all of my paints, brushes, paper and the assignment and wanted to cry. I felt so overwhelmed. After a few minutes of freaking out I got a hold of myself long enough to realize the assignment wasn’t really stressing me out…it was all the crap about the assignment I was making up in my head. I started imagining defeat ALREADY in my head! I was imagining my hands shaking so bad that I couldn’t paint, or spilling the clean brush water all over my work and the cat jumping up onto the table and ruining all of my efforts. I started laughing when I realized the torture I was putting myself through! yeah this assignment was going to take a few hours, it was going to require my effort, skill and attention to detail. But if I remained positive and certain that I could get this done and then just go to bed, it wouldn’t be as bad as I was making it out to be. Our minds have a tendency to take something unpleasent and run with it a million miles per hour! I am not kidding you! I seriously made a molehill into a gigantic mountain and because of it I almost decided to put the assignment off. After catching myself, and reminding myself how much I love art and desire to graduate from school with good grades for my Son and I, I was actually excited to get the homework done. I got it done at 2:48 Am, but was able to fall asleep fast knowing that I got everything done! 


So again…don’t put things off unless it truly can wait, don’t ever settle for less, give up on yourself, fall and then not get back up or stop doing what makes you happy. These are things that once you get down, they will really help you to feel that much happier about who you are and your life! I love you all and I hope everyone is well, I will post again next week. Because I am making it a point to post once a week from now on! Take care, I’ll see you soon!


2 thoughts on “Stop making excuses, never accept failure and do what you love.

  1. hey! are you still doing the face to face self harm meetings?? im trying to get one started but im having a really hard time!

    1. Hello there 🙂 I stopped them for now because I just relocated back home to Michigan. I would like to start them back up very soon. I’d love to help you get one started if you’d like help!

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