Importance of self-care.

Hey there everyone 🙂

It has been a few weeks, and for that I am sorry. I think that talking just a bit about the importance of self-care may be in order. Things in my personal life have been complicated, joyful but also painful at times…and it has been a lot to deal with for one person. I have taken a few weeks off from blogging because I felt I needed some time to prove to myself yet again that taking care of myself is important and that I deserve it. 

These past few weeks I have spent relaxing, getting the sleep I’ve needed for a while, sorting things out, organizing my belongings, spending extra time with my son (99 percent of my day/night) and actually making sure I have time for a shower. It’s funny how when we get stressed out a lot of these things are forgotten. If you’re like me, stress can even make you forget to eat. Eating, sleeping, showering, and things that are so “natural” can be treated like things you don’t deserve or have time for. 

I am past the issue of not believing I deserve these things, but from time-to-time I still forget to keep up with these things, and it is crazy how fast these things can add up if not done. When I am not blogging, it is because I need a break to just take care of me. I do apologize for my absence though. 

So, everyday, remind yourself that you are worth doing self-care and make sure that you follow through. You guys know by now that I love writing lists. I am a very visual person. I have a list of self-care things that I need to do everyday or every other day in order to stay happy, less anxious, and healthy. You deserve it! 




One thought on “Importance of self-care.

  1. As some of my very good friends have reminded me, don’t feel like you have to apologize for not posting – We’re here for you when you want to and can share . . . not before. Thanks for what you wrote – I liked it alot! =)

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