The importance of listening to your body.

Hey everyone! I hope you are all well. Today I wanted to talk about the importance of listening to your body and speaking up to your doctor when something doesn’t feel right. A lot of times this can be very frustrating, scary and take a while to get your doctor to listen…but it’s very important. Your physical health can seriously affect you, especially if you are already dealing with emotional and psychological issues. 

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism when I was only 19 years old. It wasn’t too bad back then, I just felt tired and had some dry skin here and there. A few times it got a little better and then it would get worse. The past few weeks I’ve been feeling very sick physically. It’s been extremely hard to stay awake yet I can’t sleep, my skin is insanely dry and I’ve been having bad cardiac palpitations. I went to the doctor’s last week and she sent me to urgent care. From there urgent care sent to me the emergency room thinking that I had a serious electrolyte imbalance. For once they were listening to me! In the emergency room I was told my blood work looked great other than being dehydrated and my thyroid seemed to be hyperactive!!! They told me to get off my thyroid medication and see my doctor the following day. I was shocked that I was actually getting help and made sure I got myself in the next day to see my doctor again. 

When I came in I was still feeling horrible, but smiled when the doctor reiterated what my blood work showed. Then she scared me. She had me sit up on the exam table and started to feel my thyroid. It hurt really bad when she touched on the right side. She asked me if I’ve been having trouble swallowing, breathing or anything else. I told her “yeah actually”. I have been having a hard time swallowing, pain, trouble breathing at times, feeling like there is something in my throat no matter how much I try to clear it and even losing my voice while singing and speaking. She told me she was able to feel a large nodule on the right lobe of my thyroid. 

I am going in for an ultrasound and biopsy this week to see if the nodule consists cancer cells. At first I was really scared but I started doing research. It is more common to have a benign nodule than a malignant one, meaning it’s less common to have cancer cells in there. Also, thyroid cancer is highly treatable and doesn’t easily metastasize! I feel like crap right now, but I have a lot of faith that once this is over and treated…I’m going to feel so much better. Whether it’s cancer or not I’m not worried, I’m going to be okay! Staying positive will only help me get through this. 

Anytime you start to feel sick, tired, anything not right…please go to your doctor right away. Waiting can only hurt you! I know it can be scary and expensive, but you are worth it! Also, one thing about thyroid problems is that it can mask itself as depression! If you’re really struggling with depression, fatigue and skin dryness/irritation please have your levels checked out! I hope everyone is doing great! 

Have you ever had a medical issue that you’re grateful you spoke up about? Had problems getting your doctor to listen to you? I feel you there! Please feel free to share if you’d like! 


4 thoughts on “The importance of listening to your body.

  1. Any updates on the results?
    Did biopsy hurt?
    Do you have a bruise under skin?
    Have you had RAI scan?
    (a short video will be great!!
    Best wishes and God bless!

    1. Hey there Thyroid geek! I actually just got great news! The nodule that my doctor found can’t be found on my ultrasound. I have finally come down from hyperthyroidism and right now my thyroid levels seem to be close to normal. I’ve been told I probably have Hashimoto’s so I need to start getting my levels and neck checked very often. I wrote this entry because I have a tendency to ignore my own health. This was a wake up call! I will definitely keep everyone informed if anything changes! This is the second time that I’ve known about that my thyroid has gone from low to high to normal. I hope you are well and thank you very much for reading!!!!

      1. Dear Ashley:
        I just read your update!!
        Thank you for sharing great news!
        I have had similar experience when a knot on my neck muscle (from old injury) was misdiagnosed as a tumor. I used to work in thyroid imaging lab for a while and have learned that out of tune machine or air bubble between the skin and transducer can cerate artifacts that often regarded as nodules.
        In order to be diagnosed with Hashimoto’s your blood test must show elevated TPO/TG antibodies.
        All the best!!

      2. No problem! I just got really great news. I was in the hospital for another issue (it sucked lol) my TSH and all other thyroid levels are NORMAL!!! I am so happy. My thyroid seems to have healed itself and I’m staying positive that it will stay that way. 🙂

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